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Exclusive Resources

Explore a wealth of homeopathic knowledge on our Resources page. Uncover valuable links and information covering various aspects of homeopathy, from remedies for common conditions to essential insights for your holistic well-being journey. Dive into a curated collection of resources that empower you with the wisdom of homeopathic practices.

Magic Pills 2017

Film about Homeopathy including interviews with homeopaths, presentation of studies and research and more.


National Center for Homeopathy

National organization for homeopathy with more information on homeopathy today and links.


Homeopathy First Aid and Acute Care Books

The complete homeopathic handbook, Miranda Castro.


Homeopathic Medicine For Children & Infants

A detailed guide on homeopathic pediatrics, covering proper homeopathy use and recommended remedies for 75+ common conditions. Includes essential medicines advice for every parent's home kit.


Homeopathic Self-Care

Learn to recognize and treat more than 70 specific conditions using a clear, step-by-step approach. 

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