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Your Wellbeing Requires
An Alternative Approach

You’re here because you want to redefine what healing looks like and feels like for you on an energetic, emotional, mental, and physical level


I’m here to serve as your guide on the journey to restoring balance at every level

Does this sound familiar?

As a patient or loved one of a patient,  you’ve likely questioned if pharmaceuticals and the traditional approach and practices are necessary, safe, and effective!

Often, those treatments leave you or your loved ones with lingering symptoms and side effects. 

Maybe you are looking for something that can address chronic illness


You deserve treatment that addresses the root of your condition.


Now, you’re ready for an alternative solution to treatment without side effects.


You’re Over Feeling Bad,  And Are Ready To Reconnect To Your Lifeforce

You are done, not living your optimal life!

You want a solution that addresses the root cause of your condition and doesn’t come at the price of risking even more health issues along the way.


You’re ready to reconnect to your life force and restore your inner strength as a whole being.

Let's unlock your healing

Our Services

Fact Finding Call

Have a specific question for me? Curious about how homeopathy can help your condition? Want to know if we’re a good fit for each other? Then this free 15-minute catch-all call is for you.

Initial Intake Consultation

In the initial intake consultation, we’ll take a deep dive into learning who you are by uncovering your current state, goals, and personal and familial medical history without judgement.


Check in with the Homeopath and update your remedy.

Current Patient Acute Care

Are you a current patient wanting to consult on a cold, flu, or another acute situation? Then this 20-minute call is the option for you.

Non-Patient Acute Care

Is it your first time exploring homeopathic treatment for a cold, flu, or another acute condition with Sedona Homeopathy? If so, this 20-minute call is a great option for you.

Special Package Consultation

Special discount package of one initial consultation with two follow ups for discounted price.


Patient Stories

Bridget's care and professionalism were beautiful, I felt at ease right away. Her bedside manner is like visiting with an old friend who loves you dearly. My remedy is easy to take and has shown effective in many ways, even ones unexpected. I highly recommend Bridget's expertise to everyone. You will be confident you are in the best care.

E.M, Sedona 2012

Core Values

Key beliefs that drive how we show up for you

  • What exactly is homeopathy?
    Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine that treats the whole person with the administration of highly diluted doses of a remedy that would in larger amounts produce symptoms in healthy persons similar to those of the disease. The principle of homeopathy is based on “Like cures Like."
  • Do you provide alternative vaccination options?
    Yes and no. We support your immune system so that you don't need to get the yearly flu vaccine because you are healthy and strong. There are homeopathic versions of the flu vaccines and others, should you wish. Discuss this option with Bridget.
  • Do you accept vaccinated patients?
    Yes, we do.
  • Is homeopathy safe for pregnant women and children?
    Yes, it is.
  • Is homeopathy safe with traditional (allopathic) medicine?
    Yes it is. It will not interfere with traditional pharmaceuticals and may even support your immune system while you are taking important meds. The long term goal, if you want that, would be to get you healthy so you don’t need medicines anymore.
  • I’m interested in working with Sedona Homeopathy. Where should I start?
    If you’re searching for treatment options, click here. If you have tons of questions and are trying to figure out if homeopathy is suitable for your situation, click here.
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