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Achieve True Whole Body Wellness
And Fully Pursue Your Purpose

It’s Time To Explore Healthy Treatment Alternatives

You’re over it. You’re either dealing with managing your own health (life) issues that seem to be constant or maybe your kid’s and helping your partner with theirs. Carrying the weight of figuring out the solution to everyone’s headache, never-ending allergies, colds, and more gets tiring.


And if you weren’t dealing with health issues before, you are now because you’ve been neglecting yourself to help others close to you.


I get it.

You’ve wanted to explore other options, but life keeps happening and the quick solution continues to win over the natural one. I know you’re ready to:

Stop dealing with the side effects from traditional treatment and figure out how to manage your health

Understand the treatment process and not just take another drug while having to stomach the risk of its side effects

Take back control of your emotional, mental, and physical body

Develop a wellness response routine that you can stick to

Tap back into your energy and lifeforce so you can continue to pursue your purpose

I help my clients heal through homeopathic treatment so they can get back to them without side effects

Hello there! I’m Bridget Scott, D.HOM

A professional holistic practitioner trained in Classical Homeopathy. 


Growing up in Africa and England, I discovered the magic of homeopathy when my three children and I faced the common ailments of childhood, and I've been amazed by its results ever since. 


I studied at the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy for 3 years, graduating top of my class in 2012.  Immediately after, I went to work with Louis Klein, a leading homeopath, in his graduate course. Following my post-graduate studies, I interned with Jonathan Shore, MD, an amazing homeopath, and I’ve been practicing ever since.  Right now I am studying with Prometheus Homeopathic institute to hone my craft.


My goal is to heal the world, one person at a time, starting with me and you! Together we can do it!  


Now, I serve my community in Sedona and the Verde Valley in person, and  offering consultations online to clients across the country. 

Sedona Homeopathy; Bridget.jpeg

Why work with me?

Sedona Homeopathy’s services provide noninvasive personalized treatments, education, and support to help you make lasting change. Healing with homeopathy is a process and as such we together work through the layers of imbalance that we have developed as coping mechanisms through life.  I unravel the labyrinth. I help heal the original source of the dis-ease, not just remove the symptoms. Symptoms are clues as to the real problem, and signposts from the conscious immune system telling us that there is something out of balance.

After working together, my clients have celebrated a return to balance on every level, energetic, emotional, mental, and physical. 


I’m here to find the right remedy that matches You, to hold your hand, to offer guidance, and to help you.

The Sedona Homeopathy Way

Get To Know Bridget

Outside of treating clients, you can catch me spending time with my 3 kids, 12 chickens, 3 cats, and 2 dogs

Favorite family activity: Free diving

Favorite hobby: Traveling

I’ve visited a ton of countries and some of my most memorable trips have been to the Mediterranean and Mexico. Where do you think I should visit next?

Let's Work Together

Heal through holistic homeopathy so you can get back to you

Fact Finding Call

Investment: FREE

Have a specific question for me? Curious about how homeopathy can help your condition? Want to know if we’re a good fit for each other? Then this free 15-minute catch-all call is for you.

Non-Patient Acute Care

Investment: $45

Is it your first time exploring homeopathic treatment for a cold, flu, or another acute condition with Sedona Homeopathy? If so, this 20-minute call is a great option for you. 

Current Patient Acute Care

Investment: $35

Are you a current patient wanting to consult on a cold, flu, or another acute situation? Then this is the 20-minute call is the option for you.


Patient Stories

Bridget's care and professionalism were beautiful, I felt at ease right away. Her bedside manner is like visiting with an old friend who loves you dearly. My remedy is easy to take and has shown effective in many ways, even ones unexpected. I highly recommend Bridget's expertise to everyone. You will be confident you are in the best care.

E.M, Sedona 2012
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