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Homeopathic Treatment For The Whole Person

Helping you heal, so you can get back to being you!

Understand The Root Cause Of Your Symptoms
Manage Your Treatment
& Healing
Get Back To Leading Your Life

Hi, I’m Bridget Scott, Homeopathic practitioner

I’m passionate about the earth, nature, and natural healing. 


I believe we hold the power within to heal ourselves, and that Homeopathy can help generate and stimulate the healing ability in us to set us on our paths and fulfill our dreams.  


I’ve seen house-bound people fly into their new lives and people suffering from depression get up and move into joyous lives, with homeopathy triggering that life force into action and balance.


Homeopathy unlocks our innate power to overcome dis-ease and lead our real lives.


Patient Stories

Bridget's care and professionalism were beautiful, I felt at ease right away. Her bedside manner is like visiting with an old friend who loves you dearly. My remedy is easy to take and has shown effective in many ways, even ones unexpected. I highly recommend Bridget's expertise to everyone. You will be confident you are in the best care.

E.M, Sedona 2012

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the treatment of disease with small ultra-diluted doses of natural substances. We treat the person as a whole being by stimulating their immune system (aka life force, chi, etc.) to heal the emotional, mental, and physical issues that we all have.

You Are Truly A Magnificent Being With The Power To Heal And Transform Your Life  –
You Just Need To Unlock It

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and find our true purpose in life, to be in balance and be happy!


The hangup?


Trauma, shock, disappointment in love and business, and other disturbances that cause dis-ease, subvert us from our true and real calling, our true lives.  Homeopathy can help.  We can work together to find health and happiness. I will work hard to find the right remedy that matches your symptoms so that you can place yourself firmly on your path to reaching your highest potential…

If You've Been Yearning To...

Get treatment without side effects

Manage chronic conditions & intense treatments like chemo

Take a nontoxic approach to treating acute colds and flus and childhood illnesses

Increase your energy levels

Stop depression in its tracks

And ultimately, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Don’t be discouraged. It’s entirely possible. I help my clients and family do it every day.

The Way Through Is In

Dis-ease is a symptom, not the whole story.

The homeopathic approach is catered to our experience as whole beings, because we are not composed of separate individual parts. We are sacred, connected and complex organisms, intertwined with our environment and our world, and we should be treated as such.

The greatest part about all of this is that your inner self already knows your story or blueprint. It’s up to you to make the decision to seek guidance, intentionally remove the obstacles in your way, and get rooted in your path.


Go From Experiencing…

Constant side effects from unhealthy medicines

Lack of clarity on your path

Boredom of just punching in on life


Natural & holistic treatments to dis-ease

Unlocking your story’s blueprint so you can navigate your path

Utilizing safe treatments and learning to trust yourself with your own well being

Let's Work Together

Heal through holistic homeopathy so you can get back to you

Fact Finding Call

Investment: FREE

Have a specific question for me? Curious about how homeopathy can help your condition? Want to know if we’re a good fit for each other? Then this free 15-minute catch-all call is for you.

Non-Patient Acute Care

Investment: $45

Is it your first time exploring homeopathic treatment for a cold, flu, or another acute condition with Sedona Homeopathy? If so, this 20-minute call is a great option for you. 

Current Patient Acute Care

Investment: $35

Are you a current patient wanting to consult on a cold, flu, or another acute situation? Then this is the 20-minute call is the option for you.

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